Our new menu is now available with meals prepared by Kitchen Prep UK:

Meals cost 4.95-6.95.

Please place your order at reception or call us on 0115 9727645.

P.E.C.S. Fitness started Right Bite Prepared Meals in 2017 to help our members and now extend to the general public. It is essential to eat the right foods, not just when working out, but also for the way we look and feel. That's why I have put together meal plans which consist of all the right nutritional quality foods with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats with Right Bite Prepared Meals.

Throughout my sports-based life and sporting activities, I have made 100% sure that everything I eat is right and on-point. As a diabetic for the past 30 years, I have found myself in supermarkets checking the labels and codes on everything that I'm about to eat to check through carbohydrates, fat and sugar contents. I didn't always find what I wanted as a lot of processed products seemed to carry a lot of hydrogenated fats to preserve the life of the goods. So over the years I've thought why not do it for myself instead of going out and buying the wrong foods. Buy the right ingredients and make them the right way, hence Right Bite Prepared Meals, which are totally clean with no added salts or sugars.

These meals were originally aimed at people in the gym or people on a weight-loss or weight-gain plan, depending on the size of the meal container. I realised that all the healthy meals were exactly what I was eating as a Type-2 Diabetic anyway, which was easy, as they were foods that I would prepare for my family. I would whole-heartedly encourage anybody with the condition, or those classed as borderline diabetic and people who just want to start eating more healthily, to contact us at P.E.C.S. Fitness.

We have put together some examples of all the meals we provide at P.E.C.S. Right Bite Prepared Meals. We don't just provide the right and proper foods, we are also personal trainers so we can put together a full training and nutritional programme. We don't just provide a full training plan, but also the perfect combination of meals to suit the individual.

We can supply a single meal for an individual or a whole meal plan for the week. For more details contact Steve on 07957 767710 or Tracy on 07855 125825, or email us at pecsfitness2017@gmail.com. Also check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pecsfitness/.

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