Class Descriptions

Circuits: A circuit of timed cardio, weights and ab exercises done with a short break between each exercise.

Legs, Bums & Tums: Tracy's exercise class based on using all your lower body muscles. A mixture of moves and tempos.

PECS Pump: An all over body workout using a studio barbell and dumbbells/kettlebells, by the end you should feel the pump.

Ree-Combat: A non-contact high energy class influenced by various martial arts. It will help you release your daily stress and tensions while getting fit. Utilises varying combinations of punches, blocks, strikes and kicks to provide a serious workout with cardiovascular highs, combined with the control of balance and whole-body conditioning.

Ree-Groove: A fun, easy to follow aerobic dance class for all abilities with bouncing and energetic tunes which has a party feel throughout.


Please make sure you bring a towel, drink and lots of energy to the classes.

All classes can be adapted for any fitness level. Please see the instructor if you have any injuries before the class starts.



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